HEADLANDS OILSEED | 500ml Chilling Bowling Bottle

HEADLANDS OILSEED | 500ml Chilling Bowling Bottle


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CONDOVER HEADLANDS | An eye-catching design featuring the majestic trees that line the headlands.  The four colourways reflect the changing seasons as the fields change from rich oilseed yellows and every shade in between.

These double-walled stainless steel bottles keep your drinks cool or hot. They are perfect for a picnic or a day in the countryside!



Chilli water bottles are also known as Bowling Bottles or Cola Bottles because of their shape resembling that of a bowling pin or cola bottle.

500ml Bowling Bottles
Dishwasher Safe
260 x 70 mm

Hand Printed in the UK


The standard delivery time is 3-5 working days.